Twisted Tower


Adventure, action and platforms in the Twisted Tower


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Twisted Tower is a 2D RPG platformer, reminiscent in many respects to titles like Super Metroid or Castlevania. That is, players explore 2D levels, avoiding traps and fighting enemies while unlocking new skills to move forward.

The game, still in its alpha stage, has no definite plot. Instead, players can simply talk to a few villagers and explore the Twisted Tower, a dungeon full of all kinds of dangers for the player to overcome.

Fortunately, Twisted Tower allows players to evolve their character however they like and use lots of different weapons. You can find new skills to jump or hit harder, as well as using swords, hammers and bows and arrows.

Besides all the weapons you have at your disposal, the hero in Twisted Tower can also use different spells to not only damage his enemies, but also to perform all sorts of other heroic deeds.

Twisted Tower is a fun RPG with some excellent Super Nintendo style graphics. And while it is still not entirely finished, it does offer a better gaming experience than many other games in the genre.
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